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LocalLanguageSchools.com was created by Language learners and someone with experience working with language schools. Our free platform connects schools with students so they can find courses near where they live or online.


As schools are being forced to go online in order to stay in business. Your great language school just one click away on LocalLanguageSchools.com.

You may be stuck inside, but you aren’t stuck working on your language learning adventure. LocalLanguageSchools.com is here for you through these difficult times, putting all the best language courses options in one place so you can find the best schools without leaving your house.

At LocalLanguageSchools.com, our top priority is serving the Education community and helping students through these difficult times.

Creating a better world takes commitment from all of us, and we hope to make your world just a little better by helping you get the best services possible.

Meet Our Founder

Sandy Allain (Linkedin) was born and raised in Paris, France but moved to Madrid, Spain about 20 years ago. When Covid-19 hit he immediately put his digital marketing superpowers to work and created LocalLanguageSchool.com, a free resource to help students and Language Schools connect.

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